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Paula Pettinella

The Voice of

Patsy Cline and Connie Francis



 Paula Pettinella is living her dream to sing and perform. As a child "Paula Timpanelli" started singing at the age of  3  along side of her dad as he played the piano teaching her the song  "0h Marie" in Italian, he would have her sing it everywhere they went. To this day she remembers every word. Her mom would sing with her sisters in the 40's to the sounds of Country Harmony. This is where her love of country music began.

  As she grew, singing was always part of her life. Singing songs of Patsy Cline  Connie Francis and all the popular songs of the  late 50's and 60's .                        

                           " Always Dreaming"

  Never imagining her dream would become a reality.

It came true when she met her mentor Angelo Ruggiero . With his help and support, he fine tuned her voice and added her to his shows.

                   She is forever grateful to him.

  Paula has performed in New  Hampshire, Florida, the "GREAT" San Gennaro Festival In New Yorks "Little Italy" ,  Our Lady Of Mount Carmel Festival in Brooklyn  and restaurants in the Bronx ,Brooklyn, and Little Italy in New York. As well as many venues in Connecticut including  private parties.


    Browse the website . Stop by and see her live.        Her Motto


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